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1st Prize:

$1000 Cash


2nd Prize:

JVC 40" 1080p



3rd Prize:

Apple iPad Air


4th Prize:

Apple iPad Mini


5th Prize:


Transformer Book


6th Prize:

Basket of Cheer


7th Prize:


Basket of Cheer




This raffle will be held on Sunday July 12 at 7pm


Tickets will sell for:

$5.00 each



Winners DO NOT NEED to be present to claim their prize. Winners will be contacted afterwards.

List of Baskets to be Raffled

  1. Ice Cream Basket

  2. Children’s Art Basket

  3. Coffee Lover’s Basket #1

  4. Ceramic Tea Basket &Kettle

  5. Breakfast Basket

  6. Tea for Two

  7. Day at the Spa

  8. Coffee Lover’s  Basket #2

  9. Barbeque/ Grilling Basket

  10. Wine Basket

  11. Beer Sampler’s Basket

  12. Gardening Basket

  13. Welcome to My Garden

  14. Crocheting/Knitting Basket

  15. Italian Basket

  16. Greek Basket

  17. Day for a Picnic Basket

  18. Off to College Basket

  19. Girl’s Toy Basket

  20. Car Care Basket

  21. Dog Lover’s Basket

  22. Back to School Basket 

  23. Mexican Fiesta Basket

  24. SportsTime Basket

  25. Fisherman's Basket

The Baskets will be raffled on Sunday July 12 after the 3pm dance show


Tickets will sell for:

$2 for 1 ticket

$10 for 6 tickets

$20 for 15 tickets

$25 for 25 tickets


Winners DO NOT NEED to be present but must have Raffle stubs to claim prize.

"Themed" Gift  Baskets Raffle


No Purchase Necessary


T-Shirts will be raffled off every hour at the festival.


To enter, please go to the T-Shirt tent, fill out a ballot with your name and email.


Anyone who has already signed up at our website will be entered into these drawings.


Winners DO NEED to be present to claim their prize.




Four $25 Food Vouchers will be given away weekly leading up to festival.

The Voucher can be used towards your purchase at the Food Pavilion.



to all our winners!


 Week 1 - Josie L.

 Week 2 - Debra I.

 Week 3 - Corrinne D.

 Week 4 - Lawrence S.

Sign up to our mailing list for a chance to win a

$25 Food


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